Wife during first months of marriage.

Photo information

Year taken
Location taken
Panama Beach, Florida

Servicemember information

Relationship to subject
Wife, first and only, married Sept 1962.
Tyndall AFB, FL; Winnemucca AFS, NV; Kume Jima AFS, Japan; Texarkana AFS, AR; McClellan AFB, CA; Itazuke AB, Japan; Naha AB, Japan; Udorn RTAFB, Thailand; Holloman AFB, NM; Ramstein AB, Germany; Bergstrom AFB, TX;
Conflicts of service
Viet Nam & The "Cold War"
Rank of servicemember
2lt in 1963 - Lt Colonel 1984
Unit of servicemember
USAF, still in training in 1963. Retired as a Lt Col 1984