This picture was taken onboard the USS LaSalle AGF3, in a joint NATO exercise called Majestic Eagle. Majestic Eagle is a multinational exercise that was conducted off the coast of Morocco. The exercise demonstrated the combined force capabilities and quick response times of the participating naval, air, undersea and surface warfare groups. Countries involved in the NATO led exercise include the United Kingdom, Morocco, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and United States.

Photo information

Year taken
July 11, 2004
Location taken
off the coast of Morocco

Servicemember information

Relationship to subject
Gaeta, Italy
Conflicts of service
Operation Restore Hope, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Moving Star, Joint Task Force Lebanon, Joint Task Force NATO.
Rank of servicemember
Unit of servicemember
U.S. Navy - USS LaSalle AGF3